Wednesday, February 17Dab & Splash

Fun fact, the first makeup item I’ve ever owned was a Kohl pencil from Dior gifted to me by my Mum.
Obviously my relationship with makeup has grown over the years and I’ve become a self proclaimed makeup junkie. I’ve discovered new brands, applied new techniques, and learned how to use new tools; but one things remains the same, my love for good (and I mean really good) brands still exists.
From that little fun fact you’ve learned above, you can easily assume that my relationship with the Dior beauty brand has become stronger than ever with each passing year. My mum always said, “invest in good beauty brands to stay looking beautiful”, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with Dior.
It’s no secret that Dior beauty has some of the best quality products on the market, their weapon to success in my opinion is consistency! I’ve never owned or applied any makeup item from their line that didn’t deliver what’s its said to do to the T. And that’s what’s so great about the brand; you always know you can expect good when you spend your dollar.
Right before Christmas this year, the regional Dior beauty team was kind enough to gift us some of their products, and I must say, they are phenomenal!
One of my favourite new babies is this gorgeous eyeshadow palette! Not only do the colours look fabulous once you apply them on your crease, but the colour actually shows up! The problem with some of the other eyeshadow palettes out there is that they look amazing when in the palette, but once you actually use them, they don’t translate to your skin. But, the great thing with Dior beauty items is that this in specific doesn’t happen.
For this look, I mixed all the colours in the palette to get that smokey eye that goes from dark on the outer crease to really light on the inner crease. I started by applying the light pink shade to all the eye area to give the look a nice base, and then moved on to frame the crease of the eye. I applied the darkest colour from the palette (which looks like a smooth black grey) in a semi circular motion, and layered it with a dark shade of purple (which is one the classiest and trendiest colours of the season). I filled in the middle section of the eye with the other – lighter – purple and added a touch of silver right under my brow bone as well as in the corner of my eye. Unfortunately, the picture above doesn’t do the look justice as the shine of the shadows doesn’t really show, but in real life the sparkles really pop! Finished off the look with my signature cat eyeliner and Huda Beauty lashes (in Samantha which are my favs by far).
Hope you guys like my purple look!

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