Friday, February 12Dab & Splash

Feeling like... Put a Ring on It!

Valentine's day is only a few days away, and for the occasion, I always choose to dress my nails up! I strongly believe that your nails can represent your mood and the festive season you're celebrating and that's why for the past few years I've been dressing them for the part.
This year, I chose to go for a very simple yet artistic nail art look. Applied as a base a white clean colour by OPI called Put a Ring on It (cute name). And since the colour is so clean and neat, it will act as your blank canvas for your nail art. I personally went for small coloured hearts on all of my 10 fingers. Decided to mix and match three colours: black, burgundy, and red. My nail artist actually drew the heart using an art utensil (a mini brush that I'm sure you can purchase from any bookstore). Hearts are relatively easy to draw, so this is actually a very simple thing to do it yourself from the comfort of your home.
What do you think of these Valentine nails?
Have a love filled weekend dolls!

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