Tuesday, February 2Twisting Playground

Good afternoon ladies! Hope you’re all doing well.

You know the drill by now. We've rounded up our top 5 picks for this month!

First, the Micro Fendi Bag. It's taking all our willpower not to invest in each and every sensational iteration of Fendi's Monster Micro Baguette bag. Carry it as a standalone piece or attach it to your favourite tote.A fashionable friend to every ensemble, who needs jewellery when your pick-up has this much personality?

Second, the Rainbow Popsicle Scarf. What better way to push back against a barrage of wintery blizzards than this colorful Charlotte Simon fluffy thing? Wrap around your neck over a slouchy T-shirt and jeans or pair with a sharp tuxedo jacket for an after-dark twist.

Third, the Statement Sunglasses. The sun might not come out very often this month but when it does you should definitely be prepared. With this pearly pair on stand-by, you’re sure to make a statement and collect compliments!

Fourth, the Playful iPhone Cover. We’re big fans of iPhone cover, maybe because we drop ours very often. Doesn’t matter though, a little protection won’t hurt you! With Valentine coming up soon, we thought this would be the ideal case for this month. After all, isn’t it all about hearts and kisses?

Last but not least, the Cute & Funky Wallet. If the street style flashbulbs are any indication, Fendi's Monster pieces are big must-haves (and we can’t get enough of them!). Then again, with its steely gaze, crystal embellishments and colour-blocked leather – who can resist them? Keep one with you all day long with this very fashionable wallet, you won’t regret it!

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