Thursday, January 7Dab & Splash

Hello loves! Hope you're all having a great start to 2016!
I've been obsessed with retro hair for the past year or so, and every time I get my hair done in that style, I fall even more in love with the look.
But, with every occasion that comes my way, it's important to try to spice things up and add a hint of something different in order to make it unique.
For the closing of 2015, we celebrated a friend's wedding in a gorgeous setting in Beirut. I always go for simple wedding dresses, usually in a dark shade, so my hair and makeup are really the things that make the look. And for this occasion, I decided to have a go and play with gold foil.
For those of you who watched the SS runways of last season, and for those like me who love to pay attention to detail, you probably noticed that some runway models were sporting a little gold in their hair. Gold foil is actually one of those things that's great to have around and it's relatively easy to apply. I decided to add a lot of it to the brushed back part of my hair to give the air of refined gold crush.
Had this look completed and done by my favourite hairdresser Hussein at Pace e Luce (he is a hair genius)! He was actually really surprised when I told him what I wanted to do and ever more surprised when I showed him the gold leafs, but he had faith in my idea and once completed said that the look is killer!
For those of you who would rather DIY at home, the process looks harder than it actually is. All you need is hair spray, gold foil, and a good brush. First, brush your hair to the desired spot you want it to sit in. Then, apply a lot of hair spray to the area that you want to cover with the gold. Last, apply the gold foil either in one piece, or turn it into small pieces and attach each by itself to achieve the crackled look. The gold will directly stick into the sprayed surface, however you must be careful, it's very delicate and once it sticks, it can't be shifted or removed. The foil will stay in place for hours on end and the only way to get it out of your hair is to wash it off, but it's worth the trouble for a special occasion!

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