Friday, January 15Dab & Splash

You guys know by now that I'm a makeup junkie like no other! Unfortunately for my bank account, that means that it drops down every time I add something to my collection.
This month, I've purchased new fabulous products (some that I've been wanting to add to my cupboard for a long time).
Dima gifted me a present that I adored a few weeks back, and it's the two Louboutin lipsticks that I can't wait to write a review about.
Also purchased a few Charlotte Tilbury products, they've been making a bang in the social media world so thought I'd give them a try myself.
Finally, added a few polishes from different brands this month, Louboutin nail polish from one of their capsule collections, Chanel nail polish in a gorgeous blue hue, and Topshop nail polish in a matte light blue that I've been wanting to sport for a while now.
Can't wait to try each of these and share my thoughts with you!

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