Wednesday, January 20Dab & Splash

You might have read a post of mine a few months back raving about Bare Mineral's mascara, it still tops my last as being the best one out there!
My all time favourite mascara that I still swear by is the Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara.
It's an all in one mascara that does volumizing, lengthening, thickening, and separating with one whip of the wand. Also, it’s by the brand that does everything using mineral products so it’s much better than the more commercial brands that we usually buy.
The wand is actually made in a spiraled way so you’ll avoid smudges and clumps (which other wands don’t offer, trust me I’ve tried them). The colour only comes in a black, but not just any black, an intense black. Which goes perfectly well with my very intense liquid liner by Estee Lauder, so that’s an extra benefit!
Try it ladies, and make sure to take advantage of the swirl of the wand! It’ll give you the look of having falsies on!

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